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This site includes materials I have developed, most of them Christian in nature.  These will include:

   - Teachings that I have delivered in church, in the form of "study notes" which are usually passed out to those present, and accompanying voice recordings. These are usually published about three times a month.

   - Narrations from Pilgrim's Progress (the classic book by John Bunyan), famous sermons from the past (as, by Jonathan Edwards or Charles Spurgeon) or other short stories

   - Narrations of humorous short stories by Patrick McManus or Sholom Aleichem.

Please explore the site, read and listen, and I hope you find it both enjoyable and spiritually profitable.

Howard Slack

Peru,  IN

Please note that there is a button below for "Miscellaneous Studies" under "Lessons by Topic". This might be easily considered to be the "leftovers" and therefore ignored. In fact they are simply lessons that are not a part of a series, and do not fit into one of the existing types. Some of my favorites are there, so I hope you will take the time to browse through them. 

(within the last 6-8 weeks)

Note: I usually teach every Sunday morning except the first Sunday of the month. I try to get the text notes out as soon as possible, but the audio recordings will not be available until later Sunday, or even Monday.

Are you wondering if you are really a Christian, or you want to be but do not know what it means or how to become one, here is some help.

Click here for readable notes:

or here to listen:

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Howard Slack was a computer programmer but has now retired. He is the husband of one wife, father of 12, and grandfather of 29 going on 30. He has been a Spirit-filled Christian since 1973 and has been blessed with the opportunity to teach in various churches over the years. He is a member of the New Life Covenant church in New Santa Fe, Indiana.


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