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God's providence speaks not only of His care and sustenance of all His creation, but also of the ways He works all things to the conclusion of His own sovereign will. "God's Providence is best seen in the rear view mirror", as we see God's hand moving in history and in individual lives. This subject is taught by means of a series of stories - some from scripture, and some from history.

Readable Notes


Providence #1: Introduction and overview of Providence. Story 1 - Joseph in Egypt;  Story 2 - "A Dollar and 77 Cents"

Providence #2: Story 3 - Preservation of Moses as a baby;  Story 4 - Deliverance of Paul from a plotting band of murderers;  Story 5: The War of 1812 - the Burning of Washington DC;  Story 6: The War of 1812 - Deliverance of Fort Bowyer (Mobile, Alabama)

Providence #3: Story 7 - Esther and Purim;  Story 8 - Deliverance of Russian Jews from Stalin;  Story 9: First Gulf War, 1991;  Story 10: Second Gulf War, 2003

Providence #4: Story 11 - Shunammite woman regains her land;  Story 12 - Geo. Washington at Battle of Monongahela;  Story 13: Geo. Washington's Retreat from Brooklyn Heights;  Story 14: Geo. Washington at the Battle of Trenton

Providence #5: Story 15 - Israel's 1948 War and the Ship Lino;  Story 16 - Mitsuo Fuchida (lead pilot in Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor became Christian after the war)

Providence #6: Final study in series, on how we can recognize God's providence. Followed up by opportunities for listeners to testify as to how God has moved providentially in their own lives. Unfortunately, due to the means of recording, listener testimonies are difficult to hear, so turn up the volume in those parts.

Audible Lessons

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