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Studies in Glory

12/17/2023 - Glory #1: This is the beginning of a study of "glory", starting with the physical manifestations of God's glory, commonly called "shekinah", but then looking at how God is glorified in creation, in his mighty acts, and how he is "the King of Glory".

12/24/2023 - Studies in Glory #2: God's name is glorious; Jesus is glorified by the Father; the ministration of the Spirit is glorious; God is glorified by using men to do great things; God is glorified in the great judgments of the Day of the LORD, and in the Millennial reign of Christ in Jerusalem over all the earth. 

12/31/2023 - Studies in Glory #3: The Glory of the Son - from eternity, in his incarnation, in his life of complete obedience and submission to the Father, how he is glorified in his people, his current glory at the right hand of God, and the glory of his Second Coming. 

1/13/2024 - Studies in Glory #4: Peter's Words on Glory;  This study is mainly from the book of 1 Peter, where Peter refers to God's glory, the future glory of the believer, and how we can glorify God in this life.

2/11/2024 - Studies in Glory #5: A comparison of the fleeting glory of man, vs. the eternal glory of we enjoy as the sons of God.

2/18/2024 - Studies in Glory #6: Glory in Persecution, and the Hope of Eternal Glory. This is the last of the series, answering the question of how Christians can endure persecution and even martyrdom. First, we realize that we are suffering on behalf of Christ, as his representatives on earth. Secondly, and at more length, it is because this world really is not our home, and we are living in a real and living hope of eternal glory with Christ in his kingdom.

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