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Lessons from the Hebrew Kings

6/14/2020 - Lessons from the Kings #1:  A beginning study of various lessons to be learned from the Hebrew kings of 1-2 Kings and 1-2 Chronicles. This one is what we learn from good kings who turned bad later in life. 

6/21/2020 - Lessons from the Kings #2:  This study is of two extremely evil kings who later "repented". King Ahab responded in humility to a pronouncement of judgment and God delayed the judgment on his descendants. King Manasseh had a more genuine repentance and attempted to undo the evil of his past.

7/12/2020 - Lessons from the Kings #3:  What happens when you are confronted by an overwhelming enemy or threat? A lesson from king Asa. 

7/19/2020 - Lessons from the Kings #4:  "Getting Ready for Great Trials", learning from the peaceful years of good king Asa, prior to the Ethiopian invasion.

7/26/2020 - Lessons from the Kings #5:  "God Against the Multitude", learning from good king Jehoshaphat

Audible Lessons

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