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Christian Living

3/19/2023 - The River of God. A continuation of the previous lesson, on how God uses the figures of a fountain and a river, to show how we can have the living water that Jesus spoke of in Jn. 4 and 7. The real symbolism is between water, which we need for physical life, and life - the real, spiritual, eternal life that we have through Christ. This lesson deals with the past and present, but also with the future river of God that we will enjoy in the Millennium and in the eternal state. 

4/16/2023 - What is Working in You? A study launched from 1 Thess. 2:13 (how the word of God effectually works in those that believe). Besides the many evil things that the enemy works through the children of disobedience, there are many scriptures that describe God's working in us, from the guilt of conscience to repentance and the new birth, then the ongoing transformation of our lives, spiritual gifts and fruitfulness in ministry, the sufferings and persecution that are used so that the life of Jesus would be manifest in our mortal flesh, and how God works all things after the counsel of his own will.

2/26/2023 - Living Water, or Broken Cisterns?   From Jer. 2:13. An admonition to choose the fresh, clean, living waters springing from God's fountain, rather than the stagnant  and muddy waters of denominationalism, or relying on a one-time experience with God. We need to be drawing from the wells of salvation daily, in prayer, the Bible, and a living, active, moment by moment communication with God.

2/19/2023 - The Sanctuary: What is meant by "sanctuary"? Where is the sanctuary of God?  Explains how in one sense we are the sanctuary of God, and on the other hand how God is our sanctuary, even during times of chastening. We need to find our secret place, and dwelling place for being able to hear God.

10/9/2022 - Seek-Do-Teach. A lesson from Ezra 7:10, on how he prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do it, and to teach in Israel. We are to do the same, and especially in the teaching of our children and the next generation. 

12/20/2020 - Praying the Word: Learn to pray as the Puritans (and others) taught, by using the scriptures themselves. Read, pray, and meditate simultaneously to help you pray according to God's will.

12/13/2020 - Rejoicing as a Christian Duty:  Rejoicing in life in a command from the Lord, and is not merely a feeling, but something that we can choose to do, even in unpleasant circumstances. 

8/21/2022 - Wisdom, Knowledge, and the Fear of the Lord. An exposition of Isa. 33:6, that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and the fear of the LORD is his treasure. How to maintain personal stability in the midst of societal instability.

9/11/2022 - Christian Endurance. What it means to endure, in our Christian confession, through hardships, temptations, chastening, in fruitfulness and doing good, against doctrinal error and loose living, and in prayer. to hold fast with longsuffering in joy.

9/18/2022 - Spiritual Vision ("Seeing" God). One key to Christian endurance is that we be able to "see" God - not with our physical eyes, but with the eyes of faith, as Moses, who "endured as seeing him who is invisible".

The Christian Race:  How our lives are compared to a runner in a race, yet not knowing where the finish line really is.

Staying Married,#1 and #2: The Biblical views on marriage, and divorce; recognizing cultural obstacles to fidelity, family, and marriage; marrying the right person; attitudes and practices of a good marriage. 

Staying Married,#3: A continuation of the practices of a good marriage

Must Spouses Argue?  Differences in marriage are inevitable, but fighting and arguing need not be. What can you do to eliminate the arguing?

Christian Masculinity: We are faced today with charges of "toxic masculinity" by radical feminists, especially on the campuses. What is "real masculinity"? How can we be real men without being violent monsters at one extreme, or feminized wimps at the other?

Christian Vocation: Work is ordained by God and the Bible does not distinguish between "secular" and "religious" employment. We serve God in whatever vocation we are, if it glorifies God and serves out neighbor in love. How can we know our vocational calling? What attitudes are we to have in our work?

Money: Money is not the root of all evil - the love of money, or covetousness is. Speaks of the purposes and benefits of money, its possible misuses, and what the Word says about wealth. 

Self-Government: Speaks of self-government (being able and willing to govern ourselves) as being the foundations of a civilized society. 

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