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Preparation of the Heart

Seeking God is Not in Vain:  Seeking God is both a command and a promise. Those who seek God with all their heart and soul will find him.

Seeking God #2:  Why seek God? To receive life, both spiritual and physical; for daily provisions; freedom from fear: and for general success and prosperity.

Preparing the Heart #1: A recurring theme of 2 Chronicles is how various people either did or did not "prepare their hearts to seek God". We can learn much from them, both positively and negatively.

Preparing the Heart #2: Continuing in 2 Chronicles but especially chapters 29 and 30, looking at the reforms of king Hezekiah, where he restored the temple and its long-neglected practices, and also the Passover. Includes observations and applications for us. The audio is in two parts.

Preparing the Heart #3: Continuing with king Hezekiah's reforms in 2 Chr. 31, where it describes further restoration of practices for ongoing service to God. Applications are made for us, whether as churches or individual believers. 

God's Mirror: A look at glass and mirrors as they reflect what is really in our hearts. If we don't like what we see, we need to be changed by God through his Word.

Audible Lessons

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