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Doctrine / Theology

Doctrine: This describes the importance of right doctrine. Full notes are available, but unfortunately the voice recording got cut off half way through.

Sola Scriptura: One of 5 basic principles of the Reformation, that we are to base our faith and practice on Scripture alone, as opposed to mere tradition, or men's wisdom.

Sola Fide: One of 5 basic principles of the Reformation, that we are justified by faith alone, not by works. 

The Doctrine of Christ: An overview of the importance of a right understanding of Christ, and then scriptural teaching on his deity, humanity, life and teachings, his death and resurrection, then the ascension and his second coming. 

God's Omnipotence: Describing how God is all-powerful as the Creator and providential sustainer of all creation; how "nothing is impossible for God" (that is consistent with his holy nature).

Prophet, Priest, and King: Describing the three-fold ministry of Christ, as the perfect fulfillment of all three "offices" in the OT. 

Revelation and Inspiration #1: What is meant by revelation and inspiration? What is the difference between general revelation and specific revelation? How has God preserved his word? 10/11/2020

Revelation and Inspiration #2: The Word is the one true authority and standard. How do we respond to it? 

Unfortunately, the audio recording got interrupted halfway through.   10/18/2020

Revelation and Inspiration #3: Answers to six commonly asked questions about Biblical inspiration.   10/25/2020

Preservation and Perseverance. A study on how God actively preserves his elect and none of them will be lost, along with the many warnings for us to persevere. How do we combine the two?  10/23/2022

10/30/2022 - Assurance of Salvation. Mainly from 1 John, a study showing that yes, we can have confidence of our salvation, we don't have to wait till we die to know. Then how can we know? What are the evidences of genuine salvation?

2/12/2023 - God as Judge and Lawgiver: From Isa.33:22. Seeing God as our Judge, not just in the sense of the final judgments, but also as our vindicator, protector, and avenger. Then as Lawgiver - how are we to interpret this, since we are no longer under the law and its curse? We are now under a new and different kind of law, written in our hearts. It is called the "law of faith", the "law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus", the "law of liberty", and the "law of Christ". 

7/16/2023 - Degrees of Sin. It is fairly obvious that some sins are worse than others, and so the Bible shows there are degrees of reward and punishment, after this life. Sins can accumulate, both in an individual life, and in a society or nation. At some point the sin can become so great that repentance is not possible, and judgment must fall. Several applications to our lives are then made.

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