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Voices from Heaven 

Songs and Utterances of Saints, Angels, and Elders in the Book of Revelation

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Audible Lessons

5/30/21 - Voices from Heaven #1: Adoration of God Our King: Lessons from worshippers in the book of Revelation

00:00 / 31:59

6/13/21 - Voices from Heaven #2: Worship in the Face of God's Great Judgments (from the book of Revelation) - even though it may seem that God is not responding, he is not forgetting what is happening, and the day of his retribution is coming surely. 

00:00 / 28:39

6/20/21 - Voices from Heaven #3: (a continuation of lesson #2) - Announcements of God's judgments; warnings to flee the targets of God's wrath; on the justice and righteousness of God's judgments

00:00 / 26:32

7/11/21 - Voices from Heaven #4: The Triumph of God's Kingdom; Rest and Comfort to God's People 

00:00 / 27:17
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