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The Kingdom of God

This is mainly a study from the book of Acts, where a frequently mentioned part of the gospel message was the kingdom of God. This study recognizes that the kingdom of God is eternal, that it is a present rule of Christ in the heart, but that there is also a very definite future aspect for which we aim.

Readable Notes

Study #1: A look at the major themes of the book of Acts, and its references to the kingdom. What is a kingdom? What is the kingdom of God?

Study #2: God's kingship in general; His kingship over the nation of Israel.

Study #3: A continuation of #2, also how Jesus is particularly, "the King of Israel".

Study #4: Jesus as King of Israel; the message of John the Baptist and Jesus; the kingdom as a present reality; not everyone will be in the kingdom.

Study #5: The present kingdom is spiritual and heavenly; the kingdom of God as a future reality; the kingdom in Jesus' parables

Study #6: A continuation of #5

Study #7: What happens when we die? False views of the afterlife; What CAN we know, from the scriptures, about the time between a person's death and the final judgment?

Study #8: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Study #9: The Second Coming of Christ

Study #10: Why we believe in a pre-Tribulation rapture; the Day of the Lord as a day of vengeance

Study #11: The Millennium

Study #12: The Judgments of God

Study #13: The Eternal State (the new heavens and new earth)

Study #14: The River of God, Living Water

Audible Lessons

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