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Valiant for Truth

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9/10/2023 - Valiant for Truth #1: If we would like to be named "'Valiant for Truth", as a character in the book Pilgrim's Progress, we need to actually be valiant for truth. What does that even mean? We are surrounded on all sides by lies and we need to be able to discern between truth and lies. This introduction then asks what is meant in the Bible by the word "truth".

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9/17/2023 - Valiant for Truth #2:  How Christ is "The Word of God", the divine Logos, the express image of God's person; also the related question, why do we call the Bible "the Word of God".

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9/24/2023 - Valiant for Truth #3:  How Christ is the Creator of all, and is "the Life" of the world. He is not just alive, but is the original and ongoing source of all life, physical, mental, and spiritual.

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10/82023 - Valiant for Truth #4:  How Christ is the Light of the World; how he is Truth itself. How God is both a God of mercy and a God of truth, and so we should also be characterized by mercy and truth. 

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10/152023 - Valiant for Truth #5:  The truth of Christ and his Word is revealed to, and developed in us, by the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of truth, and it is by yielding to his working that we initially see the truth of the gospel, and then grow over time to deeper understanding of truth.

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10/22/2023 - Valiant for Truth #6:  Although surrounded by lies and deceptions, we are to have our minds renewed in truth. We must love and seek the truth, and God's promises are that we will find the truth,

10/29/2023 - Valiant for Truth #7: We are sanctified by the truth; we must not merely know the truth but live by it; and we must hold fast to the truth through all opposition and difficulty.

11/12/2023 - Valiant for Truth #8: The Necessity of Teaching.  God expects us all to teach the truth, in the home and in the church, but has specifically called some to a ministry of teaching.

11/26/2023 - Valiant for Truth #9: How truth is perverted by the world, Israel, the Church, and by false prophets and false teachers.

12/10/2023 - Valiant for Truth #10: Directions from Paul to Timothy and Titus on the importance of study and the right use of doctrine in warning, strengthening, and equipping the saints. Also many examples of men through history who have been valiant for truth, in OT and NT, but also through church history - Polycarp, Athanasius, John Wycliffe, Jan Hus, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, the Anabaptists, and John Bunyan.  This is the final lesson in this series.

6/9/2024 - To Be Brave and Strong and True: Inspired by an old movie called "Goodbye Mr. Chips", what does it mean for us as Christians to be "brave and strong and true"?

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