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Miscellaneous Teachings

1/23/2022 - Public and Private Ministerings. A look at the different general types of ministry in the church: Preaching, teaching, encouragement, exhortation, admonishments, warnings, and rebukes. Also some explanation of why I teach the way I do.

5/9/2021 - Biblical Interpretation Lessons from Jigsaw Puzzles:  Analogies drawn from putting together a jigsaw puzzle, to how we must patiently and diligently develop sound Biblical understanding

11/24/2020 - Against Suicide:  A heartfelt study of the subject, intended to turn people away from such thoughts, and maintain their lives in Christ.

11/25/2020 - Biblical passages to support "Against Suicide" paper. This is because not all prisoners have access to Bibles.

11/22/2020 - Christian Duty: A short study on the idea of duty, especially as relating to God (as opposed to our duties to family, church, government, etc.)

11/15/2020 - The Sin of Murmuring: Explains some of the causes of murmuring, its significance, and the need to rid ourselves of it.

9/27/2020 - Symbolic Acts of Faith: What do seemingly ineffective actions have to do with subsequent miracles, like the reproduction of Jacob's sheep?

9/20/2020 - Peace Developments: What should we think of recently announced peace agreements in the Mideast and the Balkans?

1/19/2020 - Giant Despair and Doubting Castle: Inspired by the classic book Pilgrim's Progress, by John Bunyan. A look at how Christians can stray from the strait and narrow path, and find themselves locked in a pit of despair, depression, hopelessness, and condemnation. The answer? Not to give up, but to hope, and believe God's promises that you can actually return to a place of obedience and God's blessing. Ps. 42.  See also the audio chapters of Pilgrim's Progress under the "Narrations" heading above. 

1/12/2020 - The Believer's "I Will's": How, and toward what end, do believers exercise their wills? How do we respond to the Word? This message really describes what it means to be a Christian.

12/22/2019 - God's "I Will's": Lucifer and Pharaoh had specific "I Will's", where they sought self-exaltation, power, and opposition to God. God on the other hand, exercises his will toward his people in blessing, and to draw us to himself.

9/29/2019 - Christ's Baptism of Fire. The separating work of Christ, both now, and in the day of judgment.

11/19/2017 - Kipling's Recessional. A lesson from Rudyard Kipling's poem, "Recessional", composed on the occasion of Queen Victoria's 60 year anniversary. It is a solemn warning against national pride, and turning from God. Originally intended for the British empire, it is applicable to the United States as well. It is accompanied by a recording of the poem, sung by the great baritone, Leonard Warren.

11/12/2017 - The Lord is Our Rock. An exposition of the many scriptures describing God and Christ as our rock. 

8/27/2017 - Spiritual Vision. Prov. 29:18 - Where there is no vision, the people perish.

1/25/2016 - Head Covering: This study takes the issue of head-covering as an example of how to base our beliefs on an honest study of the Word, and not merely acceptance of church tradition, on this or any issue.

3/13/2016 - Different Deaths

8/30/2015 - The Ministry of Reconciliation

8/9/2015 - What to Do When the Foundations are Destroyed

7/12/2015 - Buying the Truth

6/21/2015 - Do Good

6/14/2015 - Lying Vanities

2015 - This Untoward Generation

2015 - Doing Right in Our Own Eyes

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