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Prayer Retreat August 2021, held in Sherwood, Michigan

From 8/28 - 8/30 of 2021 there was a men's prayer retreat at the All Tribes Missionary Council Campground near Sherwood, Michigan, sponsored by the Leaders Alive organization, out of Harlan, Indiana.

The theme of the retreat was 1 Tim. 2:8 - "I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting".

Readable Notes

Audible Lessons

8/28/21 - #1 - A Spiritual Priesthood 

This message was the intro to the prayer retreat. It includes a look at the Protestant view of "priesthood of believers, and how we as NT believers are to be a spiritual priesthood (1 P. 2:5 and 9). It also describes the OT Levites, priests, and the high priest as described in the Bible, and finished with a description of Christ as the great High Priest, and his position as a priest "after the order of Melchizedec".

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Part 1 of 2

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Part 2 of 2

8/28/21 - #2 - The Service of Our Priesthood

This teaching proceeded from Christ's priesthood to our own, under him. It shows how, while Christ perfectly fulfilled all the OT types of the physical sacrifices (both as Sacrifice and Priest), yet there remain sacrifices for us to offer. These are non-physical sacrifices - specifically, sacrifices of righteousness, a broken spirit and contrite heart, obedience, prayer, thanksgiving, praise, and joy.  None of these are a matter of our own works, but are the fruit of our relationship with Christ. These "sacrifices are made acceptable by Jesus Christ (1 P. 2:5)

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8/28/2021 - #3 - The Garments of Our Priesthood

After a very brief description of the garments of the OT high priest and the normal priests, there was an emphasis on the garments of the NT priesthood -  beautiful garments of righteousness and salvation which we are to have now (though invisible to our natural eyes). A double-washing is described: first a washing from sins in the precious Blood of Christ, and then a washing in the pure water of the Word. Then in conclusion there was an attempt to link all the teachings on our priesthood back to the theme of the retreat, 1 Tim. 2:8. 

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8/28/2021 - Addendum #1 - Lifting Up of Holy Hands

This material was included for reference but was not used in the actual teaching. 

No audio available

8/28/2021 - Addendum #2 - Scripture Songs

This provides the words, scripture references, and guitar chords for four common scripture songs that go back at least to the 1970's, that seem to me to go along well with the teachings. 

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8/28/2021 - Prayer Retreat Packet

This contains all five of the files above, but in a single PDF file, to make printing simpler. This is the whole set of notes that was passed out at the retreat. 

No audio available

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