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Prayer Retreat October 2021, held in McConnelsville, Ohio

From 10/22 - 10/24 of 2021 there was a men's prayer retreat at Martin Barkman's campground near McConnelsville, Ohio, sponsored by the Leaders Alive organization, out of Harlan, Indiana.

The theme of the retreat was intercessory prayer, from 1 Tim. 2:8 - "I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting".

Readable Notes

Audible Lessons

10/23/21 - Prayers of Intercession #1 - Introduction; what is intercession? Who intercedes for us? For whom should we intercede?

00:00 / 58:51

10/23/21 - Prayers of Intercession #2 -When should we intercede? Why should we intercede? How should we intercede?

00:00 / 57:57

10/23/21 - Prayers of Intercession #3 - Who can intercede? What are the conditions for effective intercession? What is the "crucified life", and how do we put the self-life to death on the cross?

00:00 / 34:16

10/23/2021 - Prayer Retreat Packet

This contains all three of the files above, but in a single PDF file, to make printing simpler. This is the whole set of notes that was passed out at the retreat. 

No audio available

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